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Below we are sharing our Current Pet Policy, which sets out how we manage homes with pets, arrange permissions and classify complaints. 

We would like you to tell us how you feel about this policy, does it explain clearly our goals? Is the language used correct and easy to understand? Do you think we do enough to let you knwo what needs to be done?

Please click on make a response and tell us your thoughts. Comment on each part or just pick a part that matter the most to you. Or if you don't want to do this online, you can call us on 03332 31 32 33 and ask for Simone Mansbridge who will be able to support you and gather your feedback. Either way, we really want to hear from you. We really want to know if our strategy and objectives make sense, and if they focus on what matters to you, our customer.


  1. Purpose

This policy sets out the aims and principles that Connexus will  apply in regards to keeping pets and livestock at our properties.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the individual tenancy/ leasehold/ license agreements.


  1. Problem to solve

Connexus recognises that domestic pets can be a great source of comfort and companionship to both individuals and families but also that not all homes are a suitable environment in which to house a pet or keep livestock and that on occasion, pets or livestock can cause issues to other neighbours if not cared for properly and responsibly.

Where practical, Connexus will allow tenants to keep domestic pets and livestock but customers must be aware that the keeping of pets and livestock brings considerable responsibility not only for the animal, but also in terms of neighbours and   the local community who may be affected by its presence.


  1. Method/s

This policy should be used in conjunction with the individual tenancy/leasehold/license agreement which provides further detail regarding the keeping of pets and livestock.

  • Where tenancy/leasehold/license agreements state that permission to keep pets or livestock is required, Connexus will individually assess each request taking into consideration details of:
  • Breed and size of the pet/livestock requested,
  • How many pets the customer currently has,
  • The nature and layout of the property,
  • Any nuisance or ASB that has been / is being reported at the property.
  • Any evidence of financial hardship where a pet / livestock would exacerbate the customers situation.
  • If pets are required for medical needs.  Proof will be required.


Connexus promotes responsible pet ownership and owners are responsible for their pet and/or livestock and their welfare as defined under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. As such all tenants with permission to keep pets will be expected to:


  • Keep their pets and livestock under proper control and supervision
  • Appropriately care for their animal, and not abuse by any specific action, or by neglect,
  • Ensure that no animal kept at, or which is brought to, the premises, causes any nuisance or annoyance,
  • Provide and maintain suitable fencing and keep it, and the animal, in a clean and hygienic manner,
  • Not allow dogs or livestock to roam unsupervised,
  • Not keep any animal in such a way as to cause damage to the premises or any neighbouring property,
  • Keep all dogs on a lead whilst on communal land owned by Connexus, including internal communal areas.
  • Ensure that, in line with current legislation, that relevant pets are micro-chipped,
  • Not allow their pet or livestock to foul on any premises or land without clearing away immediately after it.

Permission Denied for Keeping Pets

  • Connexus will deny permission to keep animals that are listed on the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976, for example; primates, carnivores, larger or venomous reptiles, dangerous spiders and scorpions unless the customer has the appropriate licence for keeping the animal. Connexus reserves the right to deny permission even if the customer has a licence for the animal.
  • Permission will be denied to keep dogs that are listed on the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, namely;
    • Pit Bull Terrier,
    • Japanese Tosa,
    • Dogo Argentino,
    • Fila Brasileiro.
  • This list is subject to change so for more detailed information on the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, please refer to
  • Where we have concerns about the tenants’ ability to look after an animal correctly and appropriately, Connexus has the right to refuse permission. Examples of this may include, the applicant is a perpetrator of a live ASB case or their property is in a poor condition.
  • Permission is given on a ‘pet by pet’ basis. If permission is given for one pet the tenant cannot automatically assume that this permission will be extended to a replacement pet if the first pet leaves the household. Permission must be sought each and every time.

Applicants who already have Pets

  • Applicants will not be overlooked for suitable properties if they have pets. Connexus will decide if the property is suitable for the applicants pet based the breed and size of the pet(s), the age of the pet(s) and the length of time the customer has had their pet.

Nuisance caused by Pets or Livestock

  • If there is evidence that a pet or livestock is causing nuisance or annoyance to other persons who live in the area, or if it causes a public or environmental health hazard, enforcement action may be taken in line with our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy. This action may ultimately result in the landlords seeking possession of the property if customers do not work with us to resolve this issue identified. This nuisance includes any pets that are visiting a landlords property or are being looked after temporarily.

Damage Caused to Property by Pets

  • Damage caused to the property or garden by pets owned by customers or their visitors will be subject to a recharge in accordance with our Rechargeable Repairs Policy. This includes any alterations made to the property to house or entertain the animal that have not been granted permission as well as damp or condensation caused by poor ventilation.

Neglect or Suspected Abuse of Pets

  • Where reports of neglect or suspected abuse of pets/livestock are either reported to Connexus or witnessed by a colleague, the RSPCA will be informed and discussion will be had with the tenant customer about rehoming the animal(s).

Threats to Colleagues or Contractors

  • ​​​​​​​If animals are used in a threatening manner towards colleagues, contractors or members of the public, permission to keep the animal will be withdrawn immediately and tenancy enforcement action will be taken.

Withdrawing Permission

  • ​​​​​​​Should any landlord consider there is sufficient cause, then permission may be withdrawn for specific pets or all pets within a household at any time.


  • Any pets left behind by a customer are regarded as ‘property’ under the law and Connexus becomes responsible for removing them, arranging for their care and the recouping any costs from the former tenant. In this situation, the RSPCA should be contacted immediately who will attend to the immediate welfare needs of the animal. The RSPCA will not guarantee attendance at an eviction.
  • If we require the animals to be removed from the property while the RSPCA attempts to locate the owners, the RSPCA will require written confirmation that Connexus accepts boarding and veterinary liability.


  • ​​​​​​​If Connexus genuinely believes that a customer has left a property with no intention to return and there are animals left within the property, the RSPCA will be contacted immediately. The RSPCA will take the most appropriate action under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

​​​​​​​Pets and livestock will  never be seized as payment for any monies owed to Connexus.


  • Anti-social behaviour complaints regarding pets or livestock will be recorded and monitored on the anti-social behaviour case management system.
  • Complaints about this policy will be recorded and monitored on the complaints case management system.

Associated documents:

  • Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
  • Rechargeable Repairs Policy
  • Tenancy/ Leasehold/ Licence Agreement