The consolidation of Connexus

Closeddate_range30 Nov, 2020, 9:00am - 11 Jan, 2021, 5:00pm

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The consolidation of Connexus 

Earlier this year, after hearing your positive feedback and answering your questions we became one landlord, Connexus.

Because of the previous merging of the companies the Group currently comprises of Connexus Housing Limited (CHL) as the “parent” housing association with three housing associations as subsidiaries:

  • Connexus Housing One Ltd
  • Connexus Housing Two Ltd
  • Connexus Housing Three Ltd

All our residents are tenants or leaseholders (which includes shared owners) of one of the three associations. 

We would like your views on our plans to consolidate the group

  • Consolidate into Connexus Homes Ltd

We believe that simplifying the current group structure will save money, create a more streamlined organisation and avoid duplication of work. The savings we make can be reinvested in new housing and improving our existing homes and services. 

There are fewer sources of funding for housing associations than used to be the case, but the demand for affordable housing continues to rise. Making savings and efficiencies is therefore more important than ever. We believe we will become a more effective and efficient housing association as a result of consolidating. 

What we are proposing is as follows: 

CHL, CH1 and CH3 would merge with CH2 by what is called a Transfer of Engagements (TOE) which is a legal method of merging housing associations. 

This would then create one landlord for all our residents. We will then change the name of the merged organisation from Connexus Housing Two Limited to Connexus Homes Limited. 

How you can have your say? 

We welcome your questions and feedback. Click here to leave your comments.

The consultation period lasts for 6 weeks from 30.11.2020. We need your comments by then in order to take them into account when we present the proposal to the board in February 2021.

What happens next? 

Once the consultation is complete, we will feedback to you on the Boards’ decisions and the next steps if the decision is taken to proceed. 

We look forward to hearing from you.