Decoration allowances

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Decoration allowance

There are times when Connexus provides a decoration allowance to a customer. It's usually in one of two situations:

  • A customer has moved into a new home, but the decorating is deemed below a reasonable standard.

  • An existing customer has to redecorate an area following damage to the interior decoration of their home due to

  • repair work carried out by Connexus or its contractors

  • planned maintenance work carried out by Connexus or its contractors

When such decoration is needed, Connexus has had different ways to provide customers with the means to carry out the decoration:

  • B&Q vouchers -  to spend instore on decorating materials

  • Decorating packs - a limited choice of paint colours which is then delivered to your door

However, some customers have told us that the above is not the best way to allow them to redecorate, so we want to find out more.

We have just 5 questions to help us understand what you would like.  

  1. Where do you shop for decorating materials? 

  2. If you have been given a voucher in the past, how easy was it for you to use?

  3. If you were offered a paint pack, how easy was it for you to pick your colour choice and arrange delivery?

  4. If you were given the choice, how would you want Connexus to provide you with the funds to cover the cost of redecoration?

  5. If you would choose a voucher, would you want a physical voucher, or an online voucher?

To answer these questions, click on ‘make a response’ and follow the instructions. Click on the theme and answer the question - you can answer as many or as few, as you wish. 

Thanks in advance of your feedback


Where do you shop?
Decoration vouchers?
Paint pack
Physical or online