Procurement Strategy consultation

Closeddate_range4 Nov, 2020, 9:00am - 30 Nov, 2020, 5:00pm

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Procurement Strategy 


Connexus has drafted a Procurement Strategy for 2020-2023 but, before we finalise it, we want to hear what you think. First off, what do we mean by procurement? It's the process by which we buy products and services from other organisations to deliver our own services to you and to run Connexus. The only exception is spending related to the employment of colleagues.

What does the strategy do?

The strategy sets out how we will buy goods and services for customers and for Connexus, for example, how we will procure:

  • The contractors who repair or build your homes.

  • The components in your homes (everything from the boilers and radiators through to the tiling and the flooring).

  • The service providers. All the goods and services Connexus requires to operate and deliver its services, including utility suppliers, cleaners, website designers and stationery suppliers.

What are the objectives?

Value for money - Balancing cost and quality to achieve the best possible long-term outcome for Connexus, our tenants and communities.

Real savings and financial strength - Delivering savings compared to past and predicted future spending. Our target is to outperform our business plan by making savings to budget, without compromising on quality.

Supply chain development - We will continually work to develop the Connexus supply chain to meet the current and future need of Connexus, making sure suppliers can meet demand and provide the level of service Connexus and our customers require.

Compliance and assurance - Our procurement is transparent, while delivering services and goods at the level of service and quality that we require.

Sustainable supply - We will make environmental and social sustainability a key consideration. One example of this could be by choosing local businesses, or by ensuring larger nationwide organisations contribute to the local economy through employment opportunities. We will always consider the environmental impact of contracts at the start of the procurement process and asking suppliers to detail how they manage their environmental impact (when appropriate to do so).

What does this mean to you?

Everything we procure has an effect on customers, whether that’s directly, such as the repair in your home or indirectly such as how we spend our budget to ensure that we are efficient and cost effective.

We’ve got a few questions that we’d love your feedback on the below - just click here to respond:

1. Thinking about the service you or your friends and neighbours have received, particularly around repairs and improvements, have you any general suggestions on how Connexus can improve its procurement? 

The strategy discusses the use of local suppliers specifically from Herefordshire and Shropshire.

2. Do you agree with this aim? Or should we always go for the companies that offer best value for money irrespective of where they are based? Is there anything more we can include in our strategy to support your views?

Procurement is always a balance between cost and quality. If costs are higher, less can be provided to customers.

3. From your observations of Connexus, do you think we have appropriate quality in our procurement (for example, new kitchens, bathrooms etc)? Are your views reflected in this strategy or, if not, how would you change that?

Connexus aims around environmental impact are outlined in the Procurement Strategy.

4. Do you agree with our aims? Is there anything you would change or make more specific?

5. Are there any other comments you would like to make on our strategy?


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