Repairs Consultation - Outcomes

Closeddate_range7 Aug, 2020, 12:00am - 5 Oct, 2020, 12:00pm

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The consultation

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Repairs Consultation.

We had feedback from a wide representation of our customers.


Your views and suggestions

The below summarises the feedback. You can see individual comments by clicking on responses in the consultation.

Repair categories

The different repair categories are important to you, but only if Connexus sticks to them and does things when it says it will.

Length of time to wait

This was very much an individual’s choice. There was a general feeling that the planned works response time should be less than 12 weeks and many customers felt the responsive should be even quicker.

Appointment times

Some customers would like appointments that are more precise within the current times, while others would like to see weekend and/or evening appointments, avoiding the need to take time off from work.

Adapting to individual needs

A number of you felt that whilst Connexus does try to be flexible, we could still do more to adapt to and understand individual needs.

A quality repair

Amongst other things, a quality repair should fully resolve the issue, be done quickly, to a good standard and last.


The three most frequent comments were

  • the need for the repair to be effective and of a good standard;
  • the need to be prompt – being on time to appointments and responding to repairs in good time;
  • The courtesy of the people coming into your home

When you report repairs

There were several comments about the delays in picking up calls and these have been passed onto the Customer Service Manager, whose team answer the calls. We were encouraged to hear that when you do get through to our Customer Service Team you feel they do good a job. Other customers thought that there is still room for improvement on how well our team understand what you report.

Another theme that came outwas that you are not always given an appointment, which you would like to see improved.


Comments showed that Connexus needs to improve its communication with its own teams and with customers, so that repairs requests do not have to be repeated. There are also frustrations around the time it takes for repair to happen and the quality of that repair.

Do well

Many of you complimented different teams and felt that they were generally polite and helpful and provided a good service. As with all services, there are areas in which we can improve and these comments will be passed to the relevant teams in addition to their use in the repairs review.




We will now use this feedback to help shape the Connexus repairs policy and procedure. This may take several weeks. We’ll let you know when the policy has been written so that you can give us some final comments.

Update Feb 2021

Following a change to the Head of Repairs, there has been a slight delay in writing the new repairs policy. But, it is coming soon!


Repair categories
Speed of response
Appointment times
Adapting to individual needs
Expectations of the service
A quality repair
Reporting repairs
What Connexus does well
General comments